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The Dental Online Shop offers a great variety and range of dental laboratory materials and supplies such as ceramic polishing kits, optimal preparation equipment and many others in great, clearance prices and high quality.

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FTB-Replacement filter bag applicable for Erio 84 T (5pcs)
FTB-Replacement filter bag applicable for Erio 84 T Packaging: 1 unit = 5 pc in a sealed bag ..

JOTA All Ceramic Kit
The JOTA All Ceramic Kit is used for solid ceramic machining operations from contouring through pre-..

JOTA Anatomic Kit
Ideal for anatomic accuracy and functionality  The aim of any restorative process is to restor..

JOTA Ceramic Kit
JOTA Ceramic Kit The JOTA Ceramic Kit allows machining and fining of fired ceramic.  The thre..

JOTA Diamond Stone Set fine
JOTA Diamond Stone Kit, Fine, 5 burs  Very Fast Optimised for use with ceramics, pressed cera..

Ideal for optimal preparation  In close cooperation with practitioners, Jota has added a furth..

JOTA Zirconprofi Set
For the dry processing of ZrO₂ restorations. Shank ø 2.35 mm ..