Endodontic Materials

From access preparation to endodontic post-treatment care, The Dental Online Shop offers a whole range of endodontic products. Reduced treatment time and increased quality through innovative systems help to make the work of dentists easier.

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Root Canal Sealer on epoxy-amine resin basis Excellent biocompability Very low shrinkage L..

ApexCal 2x2.5g
The creamy ApexCal calcium hydroxide paste is used to place temporary disinfectant dressings in the ..

Apexit Plus 2x6g
Apexit Plus is a radiopaque, non-shrinking root canal sealer paste that is based on calcium hydroxid..

BeeFill Guttapercha Cartridges
Injection of warm gutta-percha Flexible and extra long cannula, also suitable for curved root ..

Coltosol F 38gr
Provisional filling material, No light curing is needed; sets with saliva for perfect marginal seal,..

EMS Instrument D
Removal of crowns, bridges and pins. To loosen and remove crowns, bridges and pins cemented with ..

EMS Instrument ESI
Esi endo soft instruments.  Non-cutting NiTi instrument for the effective cleaning and irrig..

EMS Instrument H
For the lateral thermal condensation of gutta-percha. Filling the root canal system.  F..

EMS Instrument RE2
For retrograde root canal isthmus preparation. Surface coated with titanium nitride to improve abras..

EMS Instrument RT1
Acces to calcified canals. Diamond-tipped for locating root canals and removing calcifications in..

EMS Instrument RT2
Removal of broken file fragments.                   &nb..

EMS Instrument RT3
Removal of broken file fragments Extra-long and fine instrument to remove broken tips. Use with 1..

Eugenol 20ml
Eugenol a dental analgesic and antiseptic obtained from clove oil or other natural sources, app..

File Care EDTA 2 x 3ml
Chelating agent Active substances: 15 % EDTA and 10 % urea peroxide gel Removes smear layer ..

Finger Plugger 25mm
For vertical condensation of gutta-percha cones. With blunt tip. Stainless Steel Sizes 015-0..