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Composeal Syringes 2 x 4g
One-component light-curing glass ionomer composite liner. Indication:      &..

Copal Varnish LC 3ml
Light-curing varnish for sealing glass ionomer cements.  Indication:     ..

Fluoraphat Pro 10ML
Dental desensitising varnish with sodium fluoride. Indications : Fast desensitising of hype..

Glass ionomer lining cement.   Indications :  Cavity Linings Core build-ups ..

Medical Syringe 2ml
Non-setting calcium hydroxide.  Indications :  Indirect capping for the treatment..

Medicem Kombi
Glass ionomer luting cement.  Indications : Attachment of crowns, bridges, inlays,..

Medifil Set
Glass ionomer filling cements for glasses I, III, IV. Indications : Restorations of deciduo..

Medifil Silver Pack 15g Powder
Silver reinforced glass ionomer cement. Indications:      For restorati..

Provilat Mixing Tips
Mixing Tips for Provilat 50pcs. Package : 50 brown mixing tips  ..

Provilat Paste
Temporary eugenol-free luting cement.  Indications :  Temporary attachments of cr..

Success Cd 76g Cartridge
Temporary crown and bridge material in cartridges. Indications: For the production of tempor..

Success CD Mixing Tips Blue
Mixing Tips for Success  Package : 50 Blue mixing tips ..

Urbical LC 2 x 2.5ml
Light-curing radiopaque calcium hydroxide. Indications : Indirect pulp capping  lini..

Urbical Paste
Self-curing calcium hydroxide paste / paste system.  Indications : Indirect pulp cappi..